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X-ERP is a new-age business application created by top industry experts. It is an ERP application that can be used by any small and medium organizations to meet their different business processes requirements.


Synergy is a digital transformation platform built on open source AI enabled graph database technology that can be used to simplify the user interaction with various systems.

eatNstay - HMS

A comprehensive suite catering to all the verticals of Hotel Industry – Restaurant, Bakery, Banquet, Housekeeping along with their integration with – Inventory, Accounts & HR-Payroll.

 HR & Payroll System

 An end to end processing system of the company’s payroll and HR requirements that takes care of the entire life cycle of the employee in the organization.

 Inventory System

Reduce efforts put into tracking & streamline operations with the application that helps  manage inventory, sales, material purchases, delivery of goods and other related functions.

Accounting System

A complete accounting system that helps companies track their financial transactions and generate reports
for analysis.

Sales & Marketing System

Our Sales and marketing system is designed to support sales processes by covering Lead Management, Proposal Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Document Management System

We offer Workflow based eDMS System which provides features like Scanning & OCR, Indexing & Processing, Versioning, Elastic Search, Dashboard, Approval Cycles, Multilingual Support, etc.

X-Sign – Document Signer

X-Sign is an innovative document signer software application that allows user to sign documents with Digital Signature Certificate.

e-Invoice System

Our e-Invoicing system is easy to integrate with Government GST system, ERP systems and custom application systems.

Procure to Pay - Anomaly Predictor

P2PXAP is a next-in-line machine learning and cloud based product that detects and predicts exceptions and anomalies.

RFID Based Solutions

We offer solutions for RFID based technology for different business requirements.

Xtrasupport–Service Desk

Xtrasupport–Service Desk/ Help Desk supports to route inquiries created through emails, forms and phone calls into simple web-based customer support platform.

GPS Tracking System

We offer various GPS Tracking solutions for different business requirements.

GetLabh - Your Profit

We analyze the purchase details and look for the lowest possible price of the exact same item and send the notifications.


GIPCI card helps in automation of genetic inheritance pattern identification of Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia.