XtraNet Service Desk supports to route inquiries created through emails, forms and phone calls into simple web-based customer support platform. Customization of lists and forms would be possible which can be added to tickets to enable clients suit their business needs. Configurations would be possible for different departments of an organization and customization of role based access depending upon the roles and responsibilities of users. Tracking and monitoring of requests until their closure and automation in terms of notifications and alerts would be part of package.


  • Simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform
  • Filtering and sorting
  • HTML email feature is available. The moment tickets are raised, mail triggers to notify the intended recipient.
  • Help Desk software functions include online and email-driven ticketing.
  • Configurable Role-based access for different user types that include access rights management features and is scalable to have the ability to apply group policies to permissions management
  • Ticket Locking: Lock the Helpdesk ticket anytime for given start and end datetime. Unlock feature is also available.
  • Auto response: Service Desk lets you define system emails which are automatically sent out in response to specific events.
  • Transfer and assignments
  • Communication History
  • Dedicated panels: Admin panel, agent panel and customer portal are available for dedicated management of master settings, tickets and customers
  • Escalation: The ticketing system then tracks progress on problem resolution and includes work allocation, prioritization, and task tracking features to implement team and task management.
  • Workflows: Check for system performance limits being breached to head off potential failure is covered through workflows that are configurable.
  • Technician and operator availability can be utilized to get an automated task allocation workflow distributing work for you.
  • The system is built on the Service Desk concept as a single point of contact for a client company to seek support from the service provider.
  • Multiple reports for monitoring the helpdesk performance
  • The system includes a task tracker to ensure that calls are responded to and solved promptly.
  • Reports can be extracted in excel and pdf options
  • The system is scalable to include SLA goal planning and tracking module