X-Sign-Document Signer


X-Sign is an innovative document signer software application that allows user to sign documents (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel) with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). It works for all the Digital Signatures issued by any Certifying Authority in India. X-Sign enables user to digitally sign documents in single and bulk mode with faster and secure way. The software application is available as a desktop option and also as a web based application.

With the help of X-Sign one can Digitally Sign - Work Orders, Invoices, Consignment Note, Delivery Notes, etc.

X-Sign Features

  • Digital sign with DSC – Token or Certificate Store
  • Digital sign with DSC – PDF, Word, Excel
  • Compliance with standards / regulations
  • Quickly sign multiple PDF files (bulk sign) by selecting input and output directory
  • Multiple signatures can be done on single document
  • Two factor authentication for document signing
  • Digital sign with Timestamp feature
  • Customization of signature metadata
  • Output in password protected file

X-Sign Benefits

  • Friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Signature at desired location
  • Cut operational cost & improve efficiency
  • Step towards paperless economy, Save Trees, Save Environment
  • Digitally signed documents are secured and can’t be forged
  • Save Resources, Time, Paper cost, Printing Cost, Storage Space
  • Time Saving for organization & end user
  • Easy and secure way to digitally sign documents anywhere, anytime
  • Acrobat Reader can be used to verify the signed PDF documents