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A complete digital signature software application can be used in bulk and single mode.


X-Sign is a cutting-edge document signer software application that enables users to sign documents (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel) using Digital Signature Certificates (DSC). It works for all the Digital Signatures issued by any Certifying Authority in India. X-Sign allows users to digitally sign documents in single and batch modes faster and more securely. The software application is available as both a desktop and a web-based application.

X-Sign allows you to digitally sign - Work Orders, Invoices, Consignment Notes, Delivery Notes, and other documents.

X-Sign documents signer mobile app

Create and send signing documents from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Key Features

Users can easily and securely digitally sign documents in single and bulk mode with the aid of the X-Sign. The software is available in both a desktop and a web-based version. Work Orders, Invoices, Consignment Notes, Delivery Notes, and other documents, can be digitally signed with X-Sign.

  • Digital sign with DSC
  • Compliance with standards/regulations
  • Quickly sign multiple PDF files (bulk sign) by selecting the input and output directory
  • Multiple signatures can be done on a single document
  • Two-factor authentication for document signing
  • Digital sign with Timestamp feature
  • Customization of signature metadata
  • Output in a password-protected file


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With the help of X-Sign, users can quickly and securely digitally sign documents in single and bulk-mode. Both a desktop version of the software and a web-based version are offered.

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Key Benefits



With its user-friendly interface, users can quickly report, search, and input data, as well as manage documents with a single click.


Easy and secure

A quick and safe method to digitally sign documents whenever and wherever you want


Document Signer

PDF documents that have been signed may be verified using Acrobat Reader.


Signature at the specified spot

User can easily sign the documents anywhere



Reduce the use of resources, time, paper, printing, and storage space


Digitally signed

Digitally signed papers are secure and unforgeable.


Reduce operational costs and boost efficiency

It boosts efficiency and production by minimising the amount of time spent on routine and complex activities.

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