SYNERGY – Business Process Management


The digital world is providing new avenues, challenges and risks. In order to keep pace in dynamic business environment, the most innovative businesses are embracing new business models and processes. Synergy Portal, enables its customers to move faster, innovate faster, and work smarter.

  • Due to the dynamic nature of business processes and policies, it is important to invest into an agile business process management tool that will support the organization to adapt to changing business processes.
  • Using Synergy process automation, activities within business processes can be assigned to individuals automatically once the process is initiated without requiring anybody to follow up manually.
  • It is possible to monitor SLAs (service level agreements) and generate automatic reminders to avoid delays and escalate to higher management, if required.
  • By comparing baseline versus actual time/effort for standard tasks, it is possible to measure productivity objectively.

Superfast Implementation


Implementation is done in small steps converting process into automated workflow with business rules defined.

Easily configurable workflow templates to automate any complex business processes that are agile.

Changes in business processes are easily rolled out with new template versions.

Low Code Automation

Processes can be managed by business users through configuration based approach without involvement of development team.

You dont need of technical knowledge or prior experience to code to build a process.

Low-code development platforms reduce the amount of traditional coding, enabling accelerated delivery of business applications, so reduce time.

Allow a greater number of people and teams the ability to automate successfully and focus on what really important.


Higher Efficiency


Deployment of Synergy business process automation improves the efficiency of business processes enormously. This capability is brought by the integration of business processes from start to end.

Process admin users are automatically notified every time they assign responsibilities/tasks to its individual users. This leads to more proficient monitoring of delays or reallocating tasks among the users.

Thus, Synergy business process automation helps in eliminating bottlenecks and reducing lead time in terms of implementing and enhancing business processes.

Better Visibility

Synergy business process automation allows process owners to keep track of performance and see how the business processes function in terms of real time. The automation of processes tells how processes are working without the need of extensive manpower and monitoring techniques.

Enhanced transparency allows management gain a better understanding of their processes. These things allow the management to modify structures and processes efficiently while keeping track of outcomes.


Completely Secure And Safe


The security of corporate business processes is crucial for the business success of companies.

In Synergy business automation tool, information is encrypted and stored in Database. Technical team cannot view data without permission. Full audit trail of information accessed by users.

Reduce Costs And Enhance Productivity

Synergy business process automation tool helps you identify the right cost reduction opportunity and can trim down the costs associated to business execution.

This can be carried out by visualizing the process for cost, value and time through charts and graphs.

Using these charts and graphs user can view the time takes to complete the process and value of each task within it.