Our Synergy platform provides complete suite of modules for HR Domain. It is designed and developed based upon standard business processes. The suite of modules includes following:

  • Core HR & Self Services
  • Manpower & Organization Design
  • HR Analyzer & Scheduler
  • Workforce Planning Solution
  • Time & Attendance
  • Talent Management

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Assessments
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance & Rewards
  • Learning management solution
  • Internal Social Collaboration

Core HR & Self Services

Manage Master Employee Data, organization structure, multiple approval hierarchies, all hire to retire events management for employees.

Leaves management– Annual Leave for permanent and outsource staff, Sick Leave, Authorized Leave without pay, Compensatory leave application, Compassionate leave, Edda leave, Exam leave, Exceptional Leave, Hajj Leave, Leave Adjustment, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave, Leave settlement.

HR requests such as Job commencement, ticket request, employee ID application, Loan request, Over Time request, Return from leave, Employee transfer, business trip request, expense approval, business card request, Vacancy request, Salary increase request, probation period evaluation, disciplinary action, Corrective Action, grievance, resignation, retirement, clearance, exit interview, Medical Insurance, Confidentiality agreement, Employment application, employee file checklist, visa renewal, visa cancellation/transfer, service letters, Employee transfers, medical claim reimbursement, medical insurance new addition/cancellation, job title change, lost employee id card, accommodation, transportation etc.

Manpower & Organization Design

Management of Organizations, Positions, Grade, Job, Location, Person, hierarchies etc. Employee new hire details, dependent details, assignment details, export manpower details to excel/pdf, advanced search, “as on date” feature etc. Manpower planning, budgeting and control. Process analysis, activity Analysis, Job analysis, Job design, online job descriptions, job grading. Policy approvals and distribution.

HR Analyzer & Scheduler

HR Analyzer enable expert employee to generate various reports by combining data from various sources such as Employee details, Dependent details, Contract details, Assignment details, User and Roles details, Salary info.

Hierarchy analyzer is used to generate reports about position hierarchy, organization hierarchy, leave approval hierarchy.

Worklist Analyzer is used to generate reports about all service / tasks requests and their status by department and individual. Hence, it provide complete visibility on performance of business processes and individuals.

All analyzer reports can be saved, shared with others and scheduled to send reports in email format.

Scheduler monitors organization data on hourly basis and generate alerts based on business rules and changes in data. Reports can be scheduled to be sent by email on daily, weekly or monthly or need by basis. E.g.

  • Head count summary,
  • Head count movement summary,
  • Headcount by nationality and length of service,
  • Employee contract end date,
  • Employee vacation details,
  • Vacation details by department,
  • Employee annual leave balance,
  • Employee sick leave summary & details,

  • Employee dependent details,
  • Payroll trend report and monthly report by Restaurant & Brand,
  • Employee bank details report, Daily employee attendance report,
  • Employee time permissions report,
  • Login sessions summary & details report,
  • Succession planning report

Workforce Planning Solution

Rule based intelligent shift planning, time exception approval workflows. Very easy to maintain weekly roster in system and track attendance. Integrated with employee leaves and absences. Helps in reducing overtime and improve shift visibility among employees through mobile app.

Time & Attendance

Clock server for attendance through biometric devices. Employees are registered only once in any device and they can punch in from any location. Health of all biometric devices are monitored by system on hourly basis and alerts are sent to IT support team, in case of any communication failures. Mobile app with geo fencing feature for capturing location based attendance.

Talent Management

Competency framework (competency library – Core, behavioral, technical) for jobs & job families, competency linked to selection, development, and performance. Success planning & career development based on competencies assessments.

Talent Acquisition

Career portal, job posting, sourcing, registering candidate applications, pre-screening questions, shortlisting, candidate communication, scheduling assessment, scheduling interviews, offer management, pre-joining checklist, joining checklist, induction, probation period tracking, probation extension, employment confirmation or termination.

Talent Assessments

Ability to upload all kinds of assessments for selection, evaluation & training purposes. Online administration of assessments and report generation.

Compensation & Benefits

Centralized creation of grade wise salary & benefits plans for self and dependents. Flexible salary elements calculated on daily basis for easy pro rata calculations, retro calculation abilities, payroll approval through system, pay slip generation, post transactions to financial system, reports & analytics. End of Service settlements.

Performance & Rewards

Balance scorecard linked to departmental and individual goals. Goal setting in beginning of the year by employee & line manager, mid-year review, end year ratings, distribution of rewards as per ratings.

Performance improvement plans can be created after reviews and followed up on regular basis through system. Training plan can be created and linked to training interventions.

If synergy worklists are used to assign tasks on day to day basis, then such tasks ratings can be used as objective evidence for performance management system.

Learning management solution

Trainings linked to performance management, training needs analysis, learning paths, classroom training, online self-learning, integration with third party training providers. Online learning on mobile app with offline mode capability

Internal Social Collaboration

Home page, Department page (Intranet), Company page with social media features (such as wall posts, like, share, comment).

All user guides & training videos can be posted on appropriate pages and in centralized help library.

Announcement and documents/policies sharing at departmental or company level. Quarterly Newsletter, Employee of the month, Spot rewards, employee events, suggestion scheme, awards, employee engagement survey etc.

Mobile app has feature to record voice, video and photo for faster communication.