SYNERGY – Digital Transformation Platform


The digital world is providing new avenues, challenges and risks. In order to keep pace in dynamic business environment, the most innovative businesses are embracing new business models and processes. XtraNet’s digital transformation platform – Synergy, enables its customers to move faster, innovate faster, and work smarter.  Our Synergy platform provides innovative business process management (BPM) engine and optimizes your business workflows. Synergy platform not only gets the information needed by customers, but also they get it in the right context—improving decision making, streamlining operations, and maximizing performance.

Synergy Integrated Business Solution Platform

  • Synergy is a digital transformation platform built on open source AI enabled graph database technology that can be used to simplify the user interaction with various systems
  • Synergy can be implemented quickly because of template based approach
  • Existing large sets of data from various functional systems can be brought in Synergy and analyzed quickly using its data discovery capabilities to enable execution of tasks effectively
  • AI applications can be built on top of Synergy to enable easy real time interaction with users to show analysis & recommendations
  • Synergy has companion mobile app developed on state of the art Google flutter technology and GraphQL engine making it robust, agile and responsive.
Best Security and Governance Capabilities
Synergy Technology Stack
Business Process Management
  • Due to the dynamic nature of business processes and policies, it is important to invest into an agile business process management tool that will support the organization to adapt to changing business processes.
  • Activities within business processes can be assigned to individuals automatically once the process is initiated without requiring anybody to follow up manually.
  • Using Business process management tool, it is possible to monitor SLAs (service level agreements) and generate automatic reminders to avoid delays and escalate to higher management, if required.
  • By comparing baseline versus actual time/effort for standard tasks, it is possible to measure productivity objectively.
  • It is important to enable employees to be able to track their day to day activities and link them to their individual and department’s performance objectives.
  • Since, when employees are working remotely and their intermediate work outputs cannot be measured then it becomes imperative to track their efforts through tasks assignment and appraise them on regular basis.
  • Task & Workflow management has multiple benefits, such as employee’s activities are filed properly and reviewed regularly so that their performance appraisal can be made more objective driven by recorded facts and efforts spent by them.
Project Management
  • It is important to use an integrated project tool for successful execution of projects.
  • Project management module support accurate planning of work breakdown structure and allocation of resources.
  • It is possible to create various project templates that can be readily used for executing each project type
  • Project plan & actual can be seen in Gantt view, calendar view, list view, resource view
  • The module supports execution of tasks through system as well as it is possible to capture amount of efforts spend on execution of each tasks
HR Edge

Our Synergy platform provides complete suite of modules for HR Domain. It is designed and developed based upon standard business processes. The suite of modules includes following:

  • Core HR & Self Services
  • Manpower & Organization Design
  • HR Analyzer & Scheduler
  • Workforce Planning Solution
  • Time & Attendance
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Assessments
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance & Rewards
  • Learning management solution
  • Internal Social Collaboration
Document/Content Management
  • One of the first activity done as part of digital transformation is to remove paperwork and manual effort. Hence, a very robust document management system is required in order to store files and share them with others in a secure way.
  • Top commercial software are very expensive, approximately $8 per user per month at discounted price.
  • We have created a state of the art document management system using open source technologies that we offer at very economical rates with not just document management but also many collaborative features.
Analytics, Data Warehouse
      • Data from different system can be brought into Synergy system and can be analyzed from various perspectives.
      • An employee might use many different business applications for day to day work but due to lack of centralized data warehouse, it becomes difficult to produce integrated reports that can be used to asses productivity of employees.
      • Hence, it is recommended to send data from all enterprise systems (ERP, document management, intranet portals, CRM etc.) to send to centralized data warehouse to generate business analytics on timely basis to ensure accurate decision making.
Unified Helpdesk
      • Separate helpdesk systems exist in organizations for each function, e.g. IT helpdesk, HR helpdesk etc. that could be unified into one support system and services. Also, many other internal departments, may not have helpdesk to offer support to employees.
      • By providing, one service desk window to employees, it is possible to increase their productivity since they don’t have to learn many systems and don’t have to follow up manually on their support requests.
      • Office computers/laptops that staff use can be monitored without affecting the privacy of employees. E.g. Productivity analysis software can be installed on an employee’s laptop.
      • The software can capture screen content of the laptop user frequently e.g. every 5 minutes and store it locally on the laptop.
      • The software can analyze if the software is within permitted list of software, then it can analyze if any changes happened in the system between two successive screenshots such as mouse movements, number of clicks etc. After analyzing images, software will delete those images and only send the statistical information to server to reporting purposes.
      • Hence, cyberslacking (online time wasting) can be reduced in order to improve productivity. Frequent checking of emails/messages also can be discouraged since interruptions disrupts productivity.
Internal Social Media
      • In order to share regular updates about work, internal social media tool are helpful in sharing new policies, announcements etc and provide a forum for employees to show their non-work talent and socialize with colleagues.
      • More interaction among employees leads to greater team work, higher productivity and more emotional support.
Mobile App
      • Most of the employees use social media messengers such as whatsapp for work purposes, however they also get distracted by friends/family members messages.
      • It is important that employees communicate with colleagues through official applications to avoid distractions as well as maintain data security.
      • Also social media tools lack capability to communicate as per work contexts. Information on social media cannot be arranged by projects or subjects leading to burying information into a large pile and difficult to search and respond.
Conferencing Tools
      • Needless to say that web conferencing tools (video/audio) are integral part of working remotely.
      • Although, it is difficult to replace face to face communication but web conferencing tools are extremely efficient in keeping employees motivated.
      • Regular morning and evening update meetings ensures that employees are guided on daily basis to set their objectives and review progress.
      • We are enhancing our conferencing tool to support multiple users with various features such as screensharing, whiteboard etc.