Synergy – Portal


The digital world is providing new avenues, challenges and risks. In order to keep pace in dynamic business environment, the most innovative businesses are embracing new business models and processes. Synergy Portal, enables its customers to move faster, innovate faster, and work smarter.

Synergy Portal which is an enterprise solution for CMS based portal application, which is highly flexible and scalable. It can be used to develop small blogs, websites to major corporate portals.

There are no limitations as to what Synergy Portal is capable of digitally.  It offers feature-rich web portal solution with user-friendly interface, complex business logic and seamless integration options.

Benefits of Enterprise Synergy Portal:

  • Management of large amounts of information, documents and business processes in one place
  • Collaboration tool across teams which improves communication between individuals.
  • Simplification of search and information sharing, retention of know-how within the company.
  • Unified storage of several kinds of materials - documents, pictures, videos etc.
  • Build your own custom applications to meet the evolving needs
  • Rapid development with out-of-the-box features and useful developer tools
  • Easy control over the content; facility to create of multiple media libraries
  • Support to develop global website/portal with multilingual support
  • Powerful CMS engine to support feature rich portal development
  • Inbuilt capability to integrate with Social Media
  • Inbuilt Blog section to facilitate discussions on various topics
  • Intuitive portal use thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • Better support for decision-making
  • Familiar environment and unified control
  • Support for the integration with other systems

Key Capabilities

  • User Management
  • Multilingual Support
  • Role-Based System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blog
  • News feeds
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Socia Media Integration
  • Single Sign-On Support
  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Provide secure, encrypted and authorized access
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Multimedia: Inbuilt capability to manage multimedia (audio/video) with high performance
  • Based on state-of-the-art technology and as per industry standard best practices

  • Robust CMS
  • Support for India guidelines for websites
  • Calendar
  • Inbuilt Search
  • Mobile Ready
  • Responsive System
  • Custom Forms
  • Flexible Navigation Structures
  • Workflows to create, manage and publish content
  • SEO Support
  • API / Integrations
  • Compatible with all leading browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • HTML Compliance: Full compliance with HTML 5.0 or higher