Inventory Systems


Inventory management impacts every warehouse and distribution environment and requires leading edge technology to
remain competitive. Real-Time inventory software yields informed management decisions needed for increased efficiency
and productivity.
0ur inventory module is a powerful tool that can keep your organization in compliance with the latest industry standards. The
inventory tracking/management module allows the user to make online requisition for items & services, to automate the
process of PO-generation, material receive, issue & return, to manage inter unit stock transfer and to clearstock visibility.

Item Management

  • Item Definition (Asset/Stock/Consumable/Service
  • tem Categorization
  • Item Opening Balance with Verification
  • Item Shelf Organizing
  • Item Tracking with Serial number
  • Received/Issue/Return
  • Inter Unit Transfer
  • Physical Verification
  • Item Status-Dead Stock/Current Stock

Requisition Management

  • Add Requisition (Asset, Stock, Consumable, Service
  • Configurable Approval Authority for Requisition
  • Issuance Against Requisition
  • Tracking of Requisition Status

Vendor Management

  • Company Information
  • Contact Person Details
  • Vendor Category Mapping
  • Other Compliance with GST detail

Purchase Management

  • PO Generation (Version Control)
  • PO Approval Process
  • Tracking of PO

Customer Management

  • Company Information
  • Multiple Contacts Detail
  • Other Compliance with GST Detail