In-Vehicle Wireless Solution




In this highly digital era, transportation operators are constantly challenged in data collection, analysis and management in real time from various existed and new digital systems. Providing modern services improved by digital in transportation not only improves operation efficiency, but also attracts people to take more public transportation.

Z-COM In-vehicle Wireless Solution is integrated with different wireless AIoT gateways , controllers together with indoor and outdoor Access Points to offer data access from 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.. The products offer a wide range of interfaces, with robust wireless connectivity and reliability, for operators to create a complete wireless service and management portfolio from vehicle cabins inside, the platforms, to the entire railway station.

Solution Features

AIoT Gateway as the Data Transmitting/Receiving Hub and Computing Platform

  • Collect data from RS232/RS485, GPS, RJ45 and Bluetooth etc., and transfer data onwards for big data analysis via 4G/5G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet landline transmission.
  • AIoT Gateway acts as data integration and platform for edge computing, to avoid the latency and high cost by centralized cloud computing.
  • Comply with EU standard EN 50155, hardware designed to resist vibration, shock and abrupt current pulse.
  • Deploy a wide range of access points widely deployed for vehicle cabins, platforms and stations can offer full coverage with robust wireless signals.

Centralizes the Management of all Wireless Access Points

  • Optimize the management efficiency by remotely monitor and manage the wireless access points, AIoT Gateways deployed in stations and moving vehicles via Z-COM centralized management platform.
  • Easy deployment and management to reduce capital investment and operation cost.
  • Support N+1 Backup system to prevent service interruption caused by controller malfunction.

Latest Wireless Network Management Tools for Better User Experience

  • Support smart Auto Channel Selection for signal interference mitigation.
  • Support smart  Bandwidth Control to well allocate bandwidth for better connectivity quality.
  • Support 5GHz Priority to avoid the overloaded 2.4GHz band for less interference and better channel quality.
  • Support Load Balance to evenly distribute traffic and clients among the access points for better user access experience.
  • Support Auto Power Adjustment to adjust the radio power of access points for optimizing the coverage area when signal interference is presented.
  • Supports Fast Roaming for users to roam between access points seamlessly.