Smart GPS Tracking System

System for automatically monitoring operational and managerial processes

GPS Tracking System

XtraNet has designed and developed Cloud Based GPS Tracking System. It uses combined technology – GPS & SMS tracking with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting web and mobile applications.

A tracking device with SMS and GPS capabilities is provided to gather and deliver tracking data through cellular networks, which works best for your operations. The device then delivers data to the Tracking System – a cloud-based hosted application that can be accessed through the web anytime. Real-time GPS tracking updates with position, speed, date, time, batterymeter, and other alerts are sent to you.

GPS Tracking System Mobile App

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Key Modules

A cloud-based GPS tracking system has been created by XtraNet. It combines GPS and SMS tracking with a flexible, advanced mapping and reporting web and mobile application.

Online Device
  • Online device (connected with vehicle’s battery)
  • Internal battery operated (upto 6 hours back-up without charging)
  • Large memory for data retention
  • High accuracy of internal motion sensor
  • Over-the-air firmware upgradation
  • A GPS for GPS blind areas
  • Internal antenna for GPS/GSM
  • IP-67, EMC/EMI, iCAT (dust, temperature, vibration and water resistance, tamper proof) *
  • Geo-fence alert / Optional route deviation *
  • Integration with Camera, RFID, Biometric, Fuel Sensor, Temperature Sensor, etc.
  • * Optional Features
Portable Device
  • The portable device (connection with vehicle’s battery is not required).
  • Internal battery operated (up to 60 days back-up without charging).
  • Large memory for data retention.
  • High accuracy of the internal motion sensor.
  • Over-the-air firmware up-gradation.
  • A GPS for GPS blind areas.
  • Internal antenna for GPS/GSM.


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A SMS & GPS enabled tracking device is provided to collect & send tracking data via cellular networks, which works best for your operations. GPS Tracking System is a web-based programme hosted in the cloud that is always accessible. You can receive real-time GPS tracking updates with position, speed, date, time, battery meter, and other alerts.

  • Track a single vehicle and find every vehicle simultaneously.
  • Local all shipments are tracked at once.
  • Verify the path taken by the vehicle.
  • Storing location data.
  • GPS tracking updates in real-time
  • Reminders & Alerts (Over speed, etc.)
  • Application for Mobile
  • Easy-to-use GUI

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Alerts & Notifications

User can get alerts and notification - Distance travelled, Average speed, Start time of vehicles, Reaching time of vehicles,Halt Report, Track History and SMS utilization


24/7 real-time tracking

It offers powerful tracking models that allow you to monitor across several locations.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Effective planning GPS tracking software results in on-time delivery.


Storing location data

Data is protected both when it's motion and when it's not.


Track Location

User can track the path taken by the vehicle.

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