Gipci Card


According to the NHM Government of India, India has the highest number of 42 million Thalassemia patients in the world and about 10,000 to 15,000 children affected by Thalassemia Major are born every year.

And sickle cell disease in India varies from 1 to 35% in different communities, which is an exceptionally large number. According to the NHM's Policy Document 2016 and WHO, genetic counselors will have to be appointed in health centers for effective prevention of these diseases.

Counselling Service

On Scanning the QR Code on the GIPCI (Genetic Inheritance Pattern and Counselling Identification) Card it will take you to our paramarsh webpage.

On this PARAMARSH webpage locate your result and see the adjacent video for getting automated Genetic and Marriage counselling service. Using technology we are bridging the gap of non-availability of Human Counsellors. All free of cost.


About GIPCI Card

Automation of genetic inheritance pattern identification of Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia etc in offspring, and counselling of prospective parents helping them make informed choice.

The present invention is automation of genetic inheritance pattern identification and counselling of prospective parents with ease. Even paramedics, lay persons, prospective parents themselves not skilled in genetic or marriage counselling, can use this method to predict the genetic pattern of their offspring and provide counselling assistance. Download the Brochure


Researcher couple Dr. Nisanth Nambison and Dr. Smita Nambison from capital city Bhopal have invented GIPCI forecast card.

GIPCI Card forecasts the monogenic disorder that will occur in the children of a married couple. This will prove to be a revolution in medical science. Download the Brochure


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