GetLabh -Your Profit


A Sanskrit word for "Profit" is an initiative to give buyers that satisfaction of having a belief that they bought the item at right price or at least having an opportunity to save hard earned money if the price of the item changes within specific timeline.

How do you do that?

We analyze the purchase details and look for the lowest possible price of the exact same item and send the notifications or email or both as per buyer’s choice.

How do buyer saves money?

Once buyer provide us the purchase detail(s), we search for the lowest price available at various retailers and compare with the price buyer paid (excluding taxes). Once we find a lower price available, we sends an alert via notifications or email or both. Buyer is advised to contact original retailer as soon as possible to get your money back. Most of the retailers will refund via the mode of payment or in some cases provide you with a gift card for future uses.

Do we provide guarantee on lowest price available?

We try to search the item(s) frequently and at the same time retailers keep updating prices in their websites. As much as we will try to provide buyer the lowest price available- it may not be available when you contact the retailer. Hence, we advise you to get in touch with your original retailer as soon as possible to get the price difference.

How long do we search the items for?

It's up to buyer to decide how long we should search your item for. Usually every retailer may honour the price match/ price drop for 15/30/60/90 days or some may even have life time price matching policies. If the item has passed the days as per policy buyer may have the option to RETURN the item and RE-BUY at a LOWER Price either from the same retailer or from the one we will suggest; hence, we ask for the accurate return days as mentioned in most of the receipts. Once item passes the expected return date it becomes in-active and gets removed from the list for monitoring.

What are the items excluded in monitoring?

We will try to monitor most of the return eligible items. Some things like gas, groceries or non returnable services are excluded.

What happens if an item is not found via barcode scan in the mobile app?

Either search the item on internet or find it in retailer's website and provide us the URL in the "Purchase URL" section. We'll find the exact item and monitor the prices for buyer.

Labh Your Profit