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XtraNet ERP Practice

In the current business environment and strict time & cost checks, it is necessary for organizations to streamline enterprise wide processes, strip procedural operations, ensure smooth transactions and operate on current information. Enterprises needs to be integrated to attain optimum efficiencies, fool-proof operations and gain operational & competitive advantages.

Technological advancements in the field of ERP aims at providing the same, changing the very face of your business. ERP's provide greater agility to business, ensuring optimum resource-use and huge cost and time savings. Meeting current business requirements and being prepared to face future demands are by-products of an ERP implementation.

Installing an ERP application is a three facet decision - time, cost and technology. This decision brings huge business benefits. Enterprises needs to understand that implementation of ERP is not simple as implementing any software. ERP implementation means implementation of standard business processes, so that enterprise can re-designs & re-organizes the way business is executed. ERP implementation can be successful only when there is correct mix of people, processes & infrastructure.

ERP implementations is a challenging task. There are various challenges during the installation of ERP system. The crucial challenges are - to identify the apt ERP system suiting your enterprise, cost & time considerations and subsequently the implementation, support, maintenance and training about the system. Enterprises should not worry with the complexities of the implementation rather should take a well informed & realistic decision which will help them in business growth.

Why XtraNet?

  • Strong practice grown and matured over years
  • Vast domain knowledge ensuring best practices
  • Multiple products, industry and functional expertise
  • Customer focused approach

System Integration XtraNet Technologies

Oracle Apps / EBS

XtraNet ERP proficiency is strengthened by firm cooperation and uninterrupted involvement with the leading ERP vendor – Oracle. XtraNet provides consulting, implementation, upgrade and application management services to customers across all verticals.

XtraNet offers Oracle consulting solutions that address customer’s business objectives, minimize the TCO and maximize the ROI of their IT investment. With deep functional expertise across the Oracle product suite and comprehensive capabilities in Oracle, our portfolio of Oracle services, includes:

Oracle Apps / EBS

Advisory Services

From technological aspect XtraNet brings rich industry experience  for assisting its clients in advisory services related to ERP implementation activities - process mapping, gap analysis and project scoping.

Advisory services includes the process of understanding client's requirements and help in deploying a firm foundation for successful implementation.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support are the key factors for smooth functioning of an ERP application. XtraNet provides vital ERP maintenance & support services that are efficient and affordable. Our ERP consultants provide the best of the services required for maintenance and support to generate optimum results.

XtraNet provides maintenance & support services for an ERP application, comprising:

  • Functional Support
  • Technical Support
  • End User Training
  • Database Support
  • Other needed services
Full lifecycle Implementation & Rollouts

XtraNet offers complete lifecycle implementation services covering all the activities from initiation to completion and post implementation, in well-defined stages. XtraNet relies on proven implementation methodologies and emphasizes on adhering to business standards, quality procedures and processes to deliver high-quality Oracle implementations within a time-frame and a budget.

During roll out, our template-based approach optimizes the roll out duration, leveraging our experience in multi location projects, generating quicker ROI for our clients.